As a consumer, would you pay extra for more environmentally friendly products and services? Why or why not?

Environmentally friendly products, aka sustainable products, aka eco-friendly products, means that the product makes no harm to the environment. When companies using green manufacturing methods, me, as a consumer, will be willingly and encouragingly pay for it. But somehow, due to the high-priced manufacturing steps which lead to the high expensive cost of products or services, some consumers cannot afford it, including me sometimes. Though the products’ tag line is claimed as an eco-friendly product, we have to check it in-depth and in detail whether it is deceived or not. The reason why eco-friendly products are generally more expensive is because of supply chain implications. It is never easy to make products that have a petite impact on the environment and cut down the manufacturing costs at the same time. Unavoidably, extra costs come with a higher degree of difficulty.

The supply chain in making eco-friendly products may roughly consist of sustainable resources, sustainable manufacturing practices, sustainable packaging and deliveries, and etc. These operations use a lot of effort ensuring that processes are definitely organic and conventional — it means that more time is involved. Time and labor are known as money, for that reason, their fixed costs per unit will get skyrocket and naturally cause the products more expensive.

Among these ideas, companies that produce eco-friendly products are gaining a competitive advantage, however, consumers must need to check before utilize to prevent themselves from mislead and manipulative capitalists.

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